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Our services

We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored from data handling to strategic commercial guidance, our commitment is to navigate the complexities of EU ETS with precision. Explore the fundamental pillars of our services.

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Hecla Emissions Management has been created to assist clients with all the compliance obligations associated with managing the EU ETS. 

Hecla centralises the ETS value chain within one workflow and allows the customer oversight through its digital platform. 

Registry establishment

Streamlined process for creating trading registries, Maritime Operator Holding Accounts (MOHAs) and custody

Carbon market advisory

Provision of regulated commercial advice on EUAs

Registry management

Back-office services including transfers and accounting

Data integration

Visualisation of ETS applicable emissions with input from verifiers

EUA procurement

Direct access to buy and sell allowances

Compliance management

Assisting with surrendering requirements


General inquiries:

+44 203 142 0179

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