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Hecla Emissions Management AS announce strategic partnership with DNV

Press Release

Oslo, 15th April 2024

Hecla Emissions Management AS are proud to announce their official strategic partnership with DNV, as part of their Veracity Solution Partner Programme.

Together, DNV and Hecla have brought enhanced visibility and certainty of decision making to shipping companies dealing with inclusion in the EU ETS - the world's first mandatory emissions compliance system for the maritime industry.

Customers of both Hecla and DNV benefit from a close working relationship between the two companies and an API-backed data flow allowing vessel emissions verified by Emissions Connect to seamlessly transfer into Hecla's EU ETS dashboard where EUAs received from counterparts or purchased from the market can be allocated to vessel/voyages and accurately reconciled.

Hecla Emissions Management also provides end-to-end management services assisting clients with the establishment of a compliant framework for the EU ETS, including the opening and ongoing management of relevant EU Registry accounts, structuring commercial contracts and EUA procurement. These services add value to the enhanced data quality and on-demand, verified emissions reports generated by DNV’s Veracity platform.

Peter Jackson, Senior Vice President of Assets & Technology of Seaspan Corporation, a client of both Hecla and DNV, commented “Having a clear understanding of our EU ETS exposure is essential, thus having correct emission data and verification are paramount and we trust DNV to deliver precisely that. Paired with Hecla's carbon market expertise, they provide a detailed oversight of our emissions and EUAs through the Hecla dashboard. Their partnership empowers us to confidently manage our carbon footprint whilst ensuring compliance.

Describing the crucial relationship between verified emissions data and transparent EUA account management, Captain Rajindera Prasad of World Tanker Management further noted “as a business that demands accuracy in the emissions data that we share with charterers and the EU ETS accounting processes we rely on to be compliant, World Tankers is very happy to be using both DNV’s Emissions Connect and Hecla Emissions management as a joint solution.”

From the management team of Hecla, Benjamin Gibson added "our strategic partnership with DNV is a great example of how shipping companies not only need technology-based partnerships to increase efficiencies and enhance decarbonisation efforts, but also that the experience of the teams concerned is key. DNV and Hecla have helped a number of clients solve ETS related issues by combining data expertise with a deep understanding of the shipping business."

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The information contained within this report is given in good faith based on the current market situation at the time of preparing this report and as such is specific to that point only. While all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation and collation of information in this report Hecla Emissions Management (and all associated and affiliated companies) does not accept any liability whatsoever for any errors of fact or opinion based on such facts.

Some industry information relating to the shipping industry can be difficult to find or establish. Some data may not be available and may need to be estimated or assessed and where such data may be limited or unavailable subjective assessment may have to be used.

No market analysis can guarantee accuracy. The usual fundamentals may not always govern the markets, for example psychology, market cycles and external events (such as acts of god or developments in future technologies) could cause markets to depart from their natural/usual course. Such external events have not been considered as part of this analysis. Historical market behaviour does not predict future market behaviour and shipping is an inherently high risk business. You should therefore consider a variety of information and potential outcomes when making decisions based on the information contained in this report.

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