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Emissions Management

Shipping is due to enter the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) on the 1st January 2024.

Hecla offers a full outsourcing service for shipping customers in the EU ETS.

Our mission

Hecla Emissions Management has been created to assist shipowners and charterers with all the compliance obligations associated with managing the EU ETS.

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With the EU legal text due to be published within Q1 2023, updates to this site will follow in due course.In the mean time, please click here if you would like to download our PDF summary on the Inclusion of Shipping in the EU ETS.


Our services

Check out some of our services that we offer at HECLA, if you would like any more information regarding these services, please do get in touch.

Data Handling & Verification

We enable 3rd party verification services for emissions data to help avoid disputes between owners and charterers. This data is then securely provided to a private Hecla-powered Emissions Management digital platform that is bespoke for customers.

Registry Account Management

We ensure reliable and legally compliant registry account management and facilitate all account activities to guarantee transfers transactions.

Procurement of Allowances

We provide continuous support in accessing the complex and volatile compliance markets for buying and selling EUAs.

Annual Surrendering

We safeguard the annual surrendering process to match verified MRV emissions with registry holdings to avoid the risk of legal ramifications and fines.

Commercial Advice

We provide bespoke, commercial advice to integrate the complexities of the EU ETS into your business model and successfully manage compliance obligations.

Our Reports

Check out our quarterly reports that we publish. Here you can find important industry news regarding Hecla and EU ETS.

Please contact us at if you want to receive the EU ETS Weekly reports to your email.


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General Inquiries:

+44 203 142 0101

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